Odem Scientific Applications Ltd. launched its activity in April 1998.

The company employs 28 employees.

Our site is located at Rabin Science Park Rehovot, one of the most important Science Based Parks in Israel.

The Rabin Science Park  is adjacent to the Weizmann Institute and other research institutes 16 km south to Tel Aviv.

The area is considered the heart of the Israeli science.

Odem Scientific Applications Ltd. is involved in two main activities:

Sales and Marketing

We offer sales and service of vacuum products.

We represent many of the leading companies in the vacuum technology filed and represent exclusively the following:

  • Pfeiffer Vacuum

  • SHI-APD Cryo Pumps

  • SCT- System Control Technology

  • HTC Highlight Corporation 

  • Brooks Polycold-division

  • ACCU Glass Products​

  • MPF

  • SAES Getters

  • Comdel RF Generators

  • HVA


  • Setra

Cleaning Parts

We specialized in cleaning parts and sub assemblies mainly from hydro carbon residues.

Through its dedicated and well equipped laboratories The cleaning capabilities are for a verity of materials and sizes used mainly by the Semiconductors, Electro Optical, Solid State and Medical industry.

Among our customers are:

  • Intel

  • I.A.I Israeli Air Craft Industry

  • Tower Semiconductors

  • Applied Materials Israel

  • The Electro Optical industry

  • SemiConductor Devices

  • Most of the laser and fiber optic telecommunication start up's Universities and high Technical Schools



Odem Scientific Applications Ltd.

3 Pekeris Haim St.

Rabin Park, Rehovot 76702


Tel: +972 8 9480780

Fax: +972 8 9480781

Sales & Marketing Manager:

Nissan Bergic

Tell: +972 8 6217517

Cell: +972 54 2504748


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